The face powder from heaven

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To achieve the most beautiful makeup, it is crucial to create skin that looks real, hydrated, and healthy.  This can explain my volatile relationship with face powders, as I find they do the opposite, creating a matte, lifeless effect.  However, they are necessary to set a 'wet' base and make the makeup last.  Noticing a huge gap in the market for a product that could invisibly set makeup, while letting a 'natural skin' texture shine though, Terry de Gunzberg from By Terry, created the face powder to answer my prayers!

So how did she do it?  By adding Hyaluronic Acid, which is the master hydrating ingredient in skincare.  Hyaluronic acid draws 1,000 times it's weight in moisture from the air, in the process creating plump, hydrated looking skin and filling in fine lines and pores in the process.    

It's such a genius idea to add this ingredient which can be found in every single moisturiser on the market into a traditionally drying, matte product.   

It is super-finely milled, so if you touch it, the powder seems to disappear.  You only need the smallest amount, dusted over the skin for a cashmere softness, that is matte while still looking 'real'.  

It is also the only powder I would ever use under the eyes, as it works to fill in the fine lines that we all have in this area.  Using any other powder under the eye, will most likely add a few years.  Just be sure to go easy on how much you use.  Don't even attempt to try 'baking' with this product especially if you are going to be around flash photography as it could flash back an awful white cast.    

Available at Mecca Cosmetica and Mecca Maxima stores nationally, it is at the more pricey end but in my opinion, well worth the investment.